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UPDATE:   You now can CONTROL THE LIGHTS!   Use your smartphone or iPad on this link to vote for the next song.  Compete with the other visitors for control over what plays next.   Wake up the display after the normal show ends every night.   Its all up to you. CLICK HERE


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If you''re looking for more information on our display, how we did it, or what the upcoming Christmas show schedule will look like, then you've come to the right place!    This is a family owned display in Avon, Indiana provided free of charge for the enjoyment of our neighbors.  It is a computer controlled animated light display, synchronized to music, driving tens of thousand lights, LED strips and uses 35 DMX universes of control.   Tune your radio to 87.9FM to hear the music synchronized to the light display. 

We're already hard at work trying to make the Christmas show come together.  It isn't easy, but it's well worth it to know we've hopefully brightened the holiday for you, our neighbors, and the community.

2013 Display

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This display is all computer controlled.   It's a bit complicated because it uses three different technologies to drive both AC and DC powered lights.  The computerized control station uses 5 universes of DMX as well as a couple of other protocols to command the lights.  Each and every individual light is programmed and commanded in synchronization with the music, often down to the 1/10th of a second.       You can tune into the broadcast during any showtime on channel 98.9 FM.  We apologize for the extremely short transmission distance, but we must comply with FCC regulations, and so that we can ensure we don't cause any problems for our neighbors.  Programming the lights is intensive and time consuming work.  It takes about 40 hours of programming per song to achieve the desired effects.  The nice thing about the programming is that once it's done, we can roll out and repeat the enjoyment of a specific sequence whenever we want, even years later.  The lights are all envirnomentally friendly green and actually take up less electricity than our previous Christmas displays.  This being our first computerized display, it took about two weeks for set-up due to technical problems, but they're all worked out now and we've learned a few things so future set-ups will be much faster and easier.  After the Christmas display is up, we'll try to start adding the How To content to our FAQ section just in case you're considering an animated display yourself.  

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